Moving to South Korea
  • Hello DavidF, Nice to meet you. I'm interested in living in South Korea for job, so i want to know well about the weather, economy, job availability etc. Thanks.
  • Hi Chi

    I work for a site which specialises in overseas relocation. It's called Expat and we have a fairly comprehensive guide to moving to South Korea - whether you want to work in Seoul or the countryside. The guide starts with Moving to South Korea 

    You can find out a bit about the South Korean economy and the job market on our Working in South Korea page, and we even have a section on the Weather in South Korea.

    Hope these help you. 


  • I can recommend the site Xavier mentioned, their guides should give you a good idea of what it's like to live in South Korea.
  • Friends, I'm forever grateful for your assistance. God bless you.

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