how i can meet my girl friend
  • hi i want to get information about how i could meet my girl friend here in terminal3 dunai,she's coming from philipine manila she got stay here from 6p.m to untill tommow 12p.m,i am here in dubai plz tell how i could meet her.
  • You can't get into the airport unless you have a ticket. Your girlfriend will need to get a transit visa in order to leave the airport.
  • hmmm...
  • hi dear anya is their not any way i could meet her in waiting loung
  • its first chance to meet her after 3 years she cam as closed :(
  • As I said, there is no way for you to get past security in the airport unless you have a ticket yourself.
  • skype with me soonest let me tell you what to do dociwizards.production1

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