Driving in Albania
  • Hi Everyone

    I'm planning to travel to Albania with my car. My insurance covers me there. But I asked them for the green card and they told me the green card is no longer used.( I'm living in Ireland)
    I'm scared to be in trouble at the border or in the country if a policeman asks me the green card (I know that other countries like France still deliver the green card).
    Is someone have already took his car to go to Albania? What did they asked you at the border?
    I called the embassy, but they were not sure about it. They told me about a card to buy at the border but they didn't know the price.

    Thank for your help

  • This site is all about the Green card and the company who administer the scheme. http://www.nidirect.gov.uk/the-green-card-system let us know if you are given the card as it may help others.

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