Change of paper visa into bio metric
  • Hello there
    I applied for spouse visa as I got married with EU national and I've been rejected at first they send me my passport back and give me right of appeal then I won the appeal and after some time home office send me visa on brown paper as I have to attach that visa on my passport and it's not safe could be damage easily
    I won't to know am I eligible to change into card visa which we called bio metric and what is the process and what application form do I need and do I have to post or personally visit there
    Please reply with helpful answer
  • What country is the visa for?
  • EU citizens and their dependent are not issued with a bio metric visa in the UK . You have been sent an Immigration Status Document and if you want this visa put in your passport you must complete a TOC form, pay £107 and wait for your passport to be returned.

  • Thanx Alethia I think I got my answer
    And yes the sent me immigration status document

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