Schengen Visa , 30 days stay with 90 days validity
  • Schengen Visa, 30 days stay with 90 days Validity
  • I am indian, have 90 days valid schengen visa but duration of stay is only 30 days . i need to go for visa run before 30 days completion but i don't wish to go back to india and while i need to re-enter schengen countries in short term period (within 24hrs to 48hrs). Is there any possible to re-enter within 24hrs to schengen countries and with schengen visa , can i get any on-arrival visa to any near by Schengen countries ?
  • Hi, I'm not sure about the answer but by the way this is the list of documents required for indians for schengen visa.

    You may find other information on the same website.



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