visa for singapore
  • hi am from india,i got passport this uncle is living in singapore he will send me visa for my work in singapore.should i need to go singapore embassy for enquiry purpose.
    pls answer me am waiting..

  • Indian citizens do require a visa for Singapore so you will need to contact the Singaporean Embassy.

  • thank u alethia
  • But my doubt is that my uncle said he will send a work permit from his company where he is,do i need to go malaysian embassy.

    pls rply me maam
  • hi mam,
    i completed engineering but having one arrear,will get work permit in malaysia .please help me.
    waiting for your answer.
    thank you.
  • Your uncle can't 'send' you a work permit or visa. He probably means he will do the necessary paperwork on their end to sponsor you, but if nothing else at some point you will have to go to the embassy to submit your passport.
  • This explains the Malaysian work permit process. as Anya says your uncle cannot send a work permit or visa
  • thank u so much

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