London Sightseeing tips
  • Hi :-)
    I am planning a 2 day trip to London with my partner; as we only have 2 days and we want to see *everything* I was wondering if anyone has been before and could tell me of any routes or tips of getting around so that we can see everything. We do want to see the Palace, Trafalgar Square, Picadilly, Covent Garden, Camdem Market, The Science Musuem, Tower of London, London Eye and well just about everything we can! Does anyone have any tips?!
  • Take a city bus tour in mid morning or afternoon once traffic has died down a little. Avoid trying to sightsee during work rush - tubes are very busy and frantic, and taxis impossible. Your list of attractions is great, although i might add an hour or two at the British Museum, the Museum of modern art, and catch a West End show or sporting event like Wimbledon if you are there over that time.

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