Can anyone explain me how to Petra Night Tour happening?
  • I have an interest to know about Petra Night Tour. Because I
    hearing attentively that evening tour of Petra is like as candlelight. I am so excited
    and I will plan a trip to Petra in September. After searching through the web
    that which tour is best for Petra I found six, seven tour. In that I like to because my friend had taken to help from this tour for
    visiting Jordan and it is provide Petra tour too. He said it is really good and
    the system of providing service is so good. But I need more information about
    Petra night and tour then reply me.

  • dont need a guide for this. You can buy a ticket for much less than a tour company will chareg you. It does not run every night so make sure you are in Petra on the right day. At dusk you will walk from the main entrance gate, the path is lined with candles, you will walk through the siq in silence mar elling at the thousands of candles adorning the path and niches in rocks. When you enter to the treasury you will be invited to sit, drink mint tea and listen to the traditional music of the rightful owners of Petra, the Bedouin. One of my favourite places in this world. I hope you will enjoy it

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