hotel Dreams beach in sousse
  • A lot of lads have been seen  near  the Dreams beach Hotel  having  foreigners friends  , and also  like  there was a dating  network or something 

    is there  peaple near  ? 
  • Dreams Beach Hotel is a cheap hotel on the edge of Sousse and I understand it is one of the hotels that turn a blind eye to Tunisian men staying with their foreign girlfriends. 

    Not sure what you mean by"peaple".
  • usually there is a door man , i thing his job is to not let anyone in ,only those that are from the Hotel

    or may be they can tip him ..another story
  • To be honest, there are usually lots of young men hanging around the tourist hotels as well as those who work inside. The all have a common aim. We call them bezness boys, the English girls call them love rats. You ha e been warned

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