Cheapflights: where to get the best deals?
  • I am wanting to take a trip from London for about 4 weeks and am totally flexible as to the destinaiton. I want to go beyond Europe and my main criteria is somewhere warm and... a cheapflight! I like to travel very inexpensively with food and accommodation but flights are always sooo expensive.
    Where is the best place to get geniune cheap deals, even last minute stuff, on international flights? I am looking for total bargain flights and i not fussy about where and how I fly. Any tips happily recieved...
  • Hey Simo,


  • Hi Simo,

    There aren't really any secret websites for the best deals on airline tickets. The trick is to look around and wait for a sale... if you don't mind where you go there will be plenty of options!

    One tip is that many travel agencies will match or even beat any fair you find, so if you find a great deal then phone an agent and get them to beat it! It can be nice to have the assistance of a travel agent if something goes wrong.
  • Hi Simo,

    There are variety of websites which you can see on internet that provides you the cheap flights and i ll suggest you to explore your favourite destination with where you van find varitey of best deals and cheap world wide flights
  • The air tickets which are really cheap that i got from and whenever i book the ticket i always get the nice discount on my air ticket booking.....
  • This site isn't bad (, it's just launched but apparently they are keen to be different to other flight comparison sites and are looking for feedback from users for ways to improve the site and anything that people would like to see. Have a look and see what you think. I think they are looking for comments on Facebook and Twitter for improvements.
  • Hello
    I give the best suggestion to you. You can find cheap flights to any where in the world from any destination of London UK:
  • You can try to find the cheap flights,
  • I use Flight Fox and never failed me. Check this out,
  • Try heard that its provide the best flights deals.
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