passport expiring in less than six months can i still apply for a visiting visa to the uk for 2 year
  • hi am a student studying in the Caribbeans and i had a two year visiting visa to the uk which recently expired in march.....right now am planning on travelling in august buh i am looking at renewing my visa  for two years  again...the only concern i am having is if i will be granted the visa because my Nigerian passport will be expiring in october this year....i plan on renewing my passport wen i get back to nigeria.... should i apply for the visiting visa or just apply for a transit visa and then apply for the visiting visa wen i have renewed my passport..........please advice
  • You cannot apply for a UK two year multiple entry visa with only two months left on your passport.

    When you travel if you send your bags directly through to Nigeria you need to apply for a Direct Airside Transit Visa.
    But if your bags have to be collected when you arrive in the UK airport and checked in for the flight to Nigeria within 48 hours then you need a Visitor in Transit Visa.

    To enter the UK you must have a visa valid for the length of your stay so you should be fine applying for a transit visa.

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