Do US nationals need a visa for Hong Kong?
  • Hi im from philippines and my boyfriend is coming here to visit me for one month and we decided to go to hong kong for a 3days 2nights tour...before going to hong kong he will go first here in the philippines and both of us will go together for that hong kong trip. Do my bf need a visa to tour hong kong?? Please I need a reply as soon as you can thanks :)
  • What nationality is your boyfriend? Until we know where he is from we cannot advise you.
  • He is US american citizen
  • US citizens DO NOT require a visa for Hong Kong
  • He got a roundtrip ticket for philippines and i booked him a trip to hongkong for 3days and 2nights now He is coming first to my place philippines, is he required to get any visa going to hongkong? Because he is now confused somebody told him he need a double visa coz his trip is PHILIPPINES-HONGKONG-PHILIPPINES then go back to america...please I need your advise. Ty
  • As Alethia said, US citizens do not need a visa for Hong Kong.

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