why very difficult to call my friends to tunis
  • Hello, my friend give me a mobile number. He is from tunis. I can only sms to his number but can't call him.
  • Does the phone ring? If so, he is not answering you.
  • The phone is ring in a sec only. Just beep only
  • What is the good network for mobile phone line thats easy for my family to call me from Malaysia to Tunisia? can you give me a good idea?
  • Aini.....at the moment the main exchange is operated by Tunisia Telecom so if your provider does not have an agreement with them it can be very difficult. Why not investigate using Skype or other voip method.
  • Lesley. We can also use viber due to 2 weeks ago but now suddenly no good signal from there. Headache. ...
    Can teach me what can I do if I really need to reach the line?
  • I dont understand why you cant get through.......does he have fixed line? I did answer you with more info on another thread
  • Tq.Lesley.
    I will ask my fiance to find out in Ariana.

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