Visa requirements Croatia
  • I would be grateful if somebody can tell me what the visa requirements are for a South African hoping to holiday in Croatia. Do I need six months validity on my passport?
  • Hi SallyG,
    You don't actually need six months validity for Croatia - although some travel sources always recommend that you have six months before you travel, regardless of destination. Officially, South Africans need a passport valid at least three months beyond period of intended stay in Croatia. You will need a visa.
  • Thanks! And can you tell me the visa requirements for a British citizen wanting to enter Croatia?
  • Generally, for a UK citizen, passports only need to be valid for the duration of intended stay in Croatia, and a visa is not required for a stay of up to 90 days. However, the visa requirements do change depending on the endorsement in the passport, so if your friend has an endorsement other than 'British Citizen' I would suggest confirming the requirements with the nearest Croatian embassy.
  • Here are the entry requirements for a British citizen travelling to Croatia.

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