Living in USA, Green card holder with UK passport due to expire
  • Can I travel?
    Passport runs out mid Oct 2014.
    I want to travel Sept 12th 2014 to UK for ten days.
    Do I need to renew passport before travel ? Or can I expedite in UK?
  • You need to apply for a new passport before you go. Do it now!
  • Anya, the poster is a British citizen he does not need six months on his passport to return to the UK as it is his home country. He can then apply for a new passport in the UK. Only problem is that there is a huge back log at the UK passport office and the staff have been on strike. So it may take longer than 10 days to obtain a new passport.
  • Ah you're right, didn't read carefully enough. I generally advise people to avoid travelling with passports that have less than 1 month's validity though, as you never know what can happen!

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