Traveling overland from Tunisia to Egypt
  • Hi: I am traveling overland in my own vehicle, probably registered in Germany, with a carnet, and headed for South Africa for the World Cup. We have to pass through Libya and my research says that it can be extremely difficult with long delays and arbitrary policies established without warning. I need to know if it's realistic to pass through Libya and I need a good travel agent to help us make the passage.

    Tom Simpson
  • Hi Tom - your planned trip could be extremely difficult. You say 'we' does this mean you have more than one traveller or more than one car? Also, Libya is a huge, huge country and much of it is dessert which I certainly do not advocate traversing alone. All foreigners are required to have a guide with them but if you would like a suggestion for a travel agent please let me know. Also please be aware that it can take many prods for the agent to get back to you but don't give up - it won't happen overnight but it will eventually happen so I hope you have left yourself plenty of time.

  • Leslie: Thank you for your response. We will be about six americans. We might add another. We will be in one vehicle. Since writing on this forum the first time, I have discovered that Americans are not permitted tourist visas to enter Libya. As a result, we'll probably drive from Europe through Syria and Jordan to get to Egypt. Then to the Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, etc, to S. Africa to celebrate the World Cup. This trip is all about that, the celebration of the World Cup in Africa. We're soccer folk and we'll be doing soccer clinics on route. Also, I'm a medical doctor and will be offering my services to medical clinics in the various countries we travel through.
  • Sounds like a great trip! Also you need to research your ability to get visas into Syria - another hassle for Americans. You will certainly need this before you leave home as it is almost impossible for Americans to obtain at the Jordan crossing.

    You may want to check in regard to the Libyan visas - now that the Colonel is friends with the US more things are possible. there is now an American embassy in Tripoli so all may not be lost!

  • We will get visas for Syria, the Sudan, and Ethiopia before we leave the United States. Do you know which countries along our route permit visas at the border (here's the complete list excluding those mentioned): Jordan, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania,Malawi,Zambia,Botswana, South Africa? If you are familiar with South Africa, so you know what we have to do to sell a vehicle in South Africa that is purchased in Europe (UK or Germany)?

  • Tom - you will be able to get visas at border crossings for Jordan and Egypt. I have to admit I don't know about the others. I am not overly familiar with the procedures for South Africa but I would have some doubts about your being able to sell the European registered vehicle in SA. Perhaps someone else out there knows more?

  • Hi!! Lesley
    I am vicky from india but working in algeria and i want to travel to tunis ..kindly tell me more about tunisia..
    I mean the culture about female and like how they react ..and it is safe to take a female to the hotel room or it is premited or not I know arab countries but want to know more about tunisia from an expert
  • vicky1404 - I'm not sure exactly what your question is. If you look at some of the threads under the heading Tunisia I am sure you will find out much about our country. Tunisia is an Islamic country however, we are more in tune with Europe and less conservative that Algeria. However, a foreigner will not be able to take a Tunisian into his/her hotel room. Only if they are married would it be allowed. You will not meet many Tunisian girls working in hotels/tourism so the only opportunity for you is to approach them in coffee shops or in the street. Are you coming to Tunis in the hope of something? If so, then you should know that it is highly unlikely that you are going to realise this aim.

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