I want to grow my knowledge about Thailand
  • I have great passion to travel around the world and in this
    forum I am interested to discuss all the attractions throughout the
    Thailand.  Thailand is truly a beautiful
    country in Southeast Asia and attracts the visitors due to its attractive
    places. I have visited Thailand once in my childhood with my father but here I
    want to learn more about its places, history, culture, customs and its people.
    I hope this forum will be a quite useful for me to grow my knowledge. 

  • Thailand is such a country where a traveler can see & visit at any angel. But you have not miss 5 places while you are here.
    1. Grand places
    2. BKK floating market
    3. Khao Yi national park
    4.Railay beach
    5. china town
  • Thailand is really very nice place.I have also visit this place.Temple of Dawn is my one of the best place.Which is very peace full place.
  • Thailand is really very beautiful place to visit. Top tourist attractions in Thailand:

    1. Ko Tarutao
    2. Ayuthaya
    3. Grand Palace
    4. Similan Islands
    5. Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

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