holiday in marmaris
  • what is the best currency to take to marmaris this october
    how warm will it be on 12 october for 2weeks  please

       will we need any mosquito repellant  its our first time there
  • Marmaris is a large commercialised sea side resort and the incidence of mosquitoes is very low. The municipality spray regularly and use treatments down drains and other areas to protect against mosquitoes.
    Lemon cologne found everywhere in Turkey can act as a repellent , some people swear by Avon Skin So Soft products. The Turks also sell Sin-Kov which is found in supermarkets and pharmacies.

    The weather will be nice 26C in the day and about 12C at night so you might want a light weight jumper or cardigan.

    The currency in Turkey is Turkish Lira which can be bought before you leave the UK at any post office, bank or travel agent. Any Lira notes you have at the end of the holiday can be exchanged back to pounds.

  • what are the prices like in marmaris and where is it best to change currency thanks

  • thank you from kenny b
  • Banks, A&S Travel, loads of exchange shops. Restaurants and shops will even change money.

    I have a home in Turkey but do not travel to Marmaris as its too commercialised so I looked this up for you, Numbeo is very reliable.

  • you can take £5 £10 £20 notes with you,they will change them all no problem.Their are many restaurants and shop are present who exchange this.

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