• I am filling application for TOC AS home office send me residense documentation on paper but i want to put it in my passport and now when I am filling application I am bit confused because they ask for reason of filling TOC application
    Can you tell me which of the following reason i shall tick

    1 biometric residense permitt or immigration status document is damages
    2.replace immigration status document with biometric residense permitt

    Which one of two I have to Tick
    Thanx and regards
  • The paper you were issued with is an Immigration Status Document . Usually this is issued because you did not have a valid passport when you were granted leave to remain.

    These days visas are not put in the passport , a separate residence permit is issued (similar in size to a credit card) with your biometric details on it.

    So to answer your question tick option 2. replace immigration status document with biometric residence permit. 
  • Thankx
  • why for south asian people is really difficult to get visa for western countries?
  • Its not just south Asians but anyone from a poor country will have difficulty in obtaining a visa. The reason for this, is because the West do not believe people from poor countries will return home at the end of their visit.
  • Hye there
    What it is I applied for bio metric residense card I send my application along with passport and my DVLA
    but now for some reason I have to move house and what shall I do I this case ?
  • You need to advise the Home Office immediately of any change of address.
  • But do I need to send so proof of new address as I've non
  • I recently move into new house and I've no proof of new address
    Is that okey ?
  • Please reply
    It's urgent
  • You don't need proof of address you simply write and say you have moved and give your new address
  • One last question
    What would be the best option to write them and there are too many email post address which one would be the best
  • You write a letter to the Home Office Lunar House, 40 Wellesley Road, Croydon CR9 2BY.
    Please put your full name, date of birth, nationality and your home office reference number.
    I suggest you keep in touch with your old address if possible, as the Home Office often fail to change the details and letters may still go to your old address. 
  • Thanx for the advise
    You are always helpful
    God bless you :)

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