Turkey the best place to enjoy a vacation.
  • Turkey is a place with vast natural beauty & adventure excitements. One can find some of the best wines in the world here. Large number of tourist attracted to the beauty of the Mediterranean coast line, The Turkey vacation for adventurous visitors have exhilarating adventure sports & attractive cuisine. Many historical and archaeological sites  are features on the UNESCO World Heritage list. There is a national park and birds more then 250 species are available. many water sports and adventures can be performed here as this place is blessed with the Mediterranean sea and Black sea and many others. Open Air Museum is the another wonder to visit and who can miss Pamukkale, who has the wonders that is of world's interest.
  • Yes,Turkey is best place to visit.I agree with your post and views.in Turkey ,there are lot of adventures places which are attract to the visitors.
  • Is turkey istanbul air port is the part of europe
  • Istanbul Ataturk International airport is on the European side of the city
  • Yes ashley, it is a paradise for adventure lovers, and apart from sea and beaches many historical sites like Neemrut Mountain and legendary Troy city attracts many travellers from all around the globe.

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