Passport expires in less than 6 months
  • Hi,

    I will be travelling to south america in October until late November. My issue is my passport. It expires in early March 2015 which means I will have less than 6 months valid.

    I intend to visit:


    None of these countries seem to be on the list that require 6 months or 3 months passport validity. Should I be OK travelling? My flight home to Ireland is from Buenos Aires and has a connection in Brazil, which does have a 6 month validity rule. Will that affect me or should I be OK?

    Thank you for your help and advice.
  • The are the requirements for each country you intend to visit:-

    1. Peru - visa must be valid for duration of stay
    2.Bolivia - Six months validity is required on a passport
    3 Uruguay - visa must be valid for duration of stay
    4.Argentina - visa must be valid for duration of stay.
    5. Brazil -six months validity required on passport

    As you see both Bolivia and Brazil have a six month validity rule. If it were me I would apply for a new passport as Bolivia could be a problem.

  • Definitely worth renewing the passport, MickD85. You should still have time to do so. Happy travels!

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