Things to see and do in South Korea
  • Hi! I am going for an extended visit to my sister who is working as a teacher in South Korea. She is based in Busan and has not yet travelled much at all outside of the city. I am looking for recommendations on what I should see and do while I'm in the country - I will be based with her in Busan but I am keen to travel further afield for some weekends etc. I am going in October so some advice on the weather and what to pack would also be useful.
  • Hi Kahlan,
    October is a pretty good month to visit Busan. It will be autumn and luckily you are travelling after typhoon season. It shouldn't be too hot or too cold: average temperatures should range between about 15C and 25C. My top recommendation would be to take the ferry to Jeju Island (Jejudo) and spend a bit of time there. Check out this South Korea Travel Guide for some more ideas. Enjoy!
  • When i was in Seoul last year, I took two half-day tours with a private tour guide company. It was wonderful because I got to see and experience all the great places in Seoul like a native.

    You would probably want to explore the following places:

    • Insadong, Ssamzi-gil (Culture)
    • Myeong-dong (Shopping)
    • Itaewon (Bars & Good Eats)
    • City Hall (History)
    • Seoul Palace (History)
    • Nonhyeon-dong Young-dong Market (Local Korean Food)
    The guys who took me around were a company called Seoul Tour Guide ( They were very helpful and helped me to customize an itinerary just for me.

    If i had to choose one place, I would recommend that you visit Nonhyeon-dong Young-dong Market because you can truly feel the local Korean vibe.

    Hope that helps!


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