Nigerian Letter of Overstay Tax
  • Please help me...I need answers HONEST ANSWERS...
    My Fiance went to Nigeria for his construction company, and Now thanks to that crap in that country he was paid by the Nigerian govt but with US bank check...BUT NOW...they detained him long enough for his work Visa to expire so Immigration picked him up and his pastor was able to get him out and take him in..But now he has received a Letter of over stay tax..Our first baby is due anytime and he needs to come home..I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW THIS COULD HAPPEN....They are so crooked there...That would never take place in the we have laws and certainly ALL countries have dishonest politicians, but from what he has told just one big scam..The job has ended up costing him more than he ever made, BUT. WHO CARES...I JUST NEED HIM HOME...PLEASE I NEED ADVICE..

  • Something is not quite right here. What nationality is your boyfriend? 

    Firstly a Nigerian CERPAC (Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card ) which you must have to work in Nigeria is valid for 2 years. 

    Foreign workers in Nigeria are required to open local bank accounts, they can also open US dollar accounts, Euro accounts or Pound sterling accounts known as domiciliary accounts. So money is readily accessible.

    If a person does overstay the company he works for is totally responsible for any fine and for taking care of him not a pastor. There are no small foreign construction companies Nigeria and if they were they would be working in conjunction with a Nigerian sponsor.

    I believe your so called fiancé is not working in Nigerian he went to see his wife and family and now they want more money, so he has made up these lies so you will send him money. 

    I am an immigration lawyer based in the UK, I have read and understood the Nigerian immigration rules, oh yes there are laws in Nigeria. My understanding of Nigerian immigration law was confirmed by a colleague who is Nigerian.

    Your so called fiancé is playing games with you do not send him money let him sweat. My guess also is that he has not married you because he is already married.
  • He is German and it is his construction company..and his company is in USA and he lived here for years before he left to go there...But he send me the check and it is rather large but his name is one it and I cant cash as we are not married yet..I think I will contact bank, I have pics of his ID, passport and all legal docs, I have sent him money in his name Steve Schmitt and it was his money not mine but I have a immigration document I wish you could look at for me..I have no where to turn and so scared..we video chat and talk on phone and IM everyday..I dont know what to...
  • You can email me at 
    Why cant you deposit the check in his personal or business account.? If he has a company he must have a checking account also if he has lived in the US for years he should have a bank account or social security number.

    Ask him the name of his company and the project he was working on and where in Nigeria is he supposed to be working. 

    Email everything you have to me including the check. I promise to get to the bottom of this.
  • Hallo,I apologize for my English, Im writening from Czech Republic I was just wondering how long it took an American citizen to get from Lagos Back to U.S. with the help of the American Embassywith no money at all. I have friend there and I want to know if he's lying to me. He is waiting for weeks now!Thank you
  • Of course he is lying. It takes a matter of days for the Embassy to assist someone.
    Let me guess you met this "friend" on line. He is from the US and was working on a contract in Nigeria when he lost everything, was not paid, was robbed , overstayed his visa and has no mobey. What was your friends story? He only has you and soon he will want you to send him money if he has not already asked.

    He is a scammer  do not send him moneyand you stop all contact with him.
    There are many stories like yours on this forum,

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