Going to travel at the time of preganacy
  • Next month i am going to travel Germany with my husband. I am 22 weeks pregnant. I think in this situation insurance is must. What would be best for us travel insurance or health insurance? I am not sure does German government provide health insurance for traveler? I need some information. Can anyone help me?
  • What nationality are you Tiffnay and how long will you be in Germany? 
    I ask this because EU nationals amd non EU nationals have different options,
  • Thanks a lot of your help. I already got about health insurance in Germany. One of my German Facebook friends recommend me to visit https://www.covomo.com/health-insurance-tourists-info/. It is saying that i can get my health insurance under one condition. I have to provide my European Health Insurance Card. So, as a citizen of EU i hope i will get my insurance easily.

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