Valid Visa Schengen and possible to get residence
  • Hi

    I'm hold an Egyptian passport and i have get a schengen visa over 5 times, two of them valid for a year. I was travel for trade show business where i was an exhibitor for many branded trade show in Paris. The question while i have the Valid visa can i get work there?is that legal? second right now can i place an application to get  a residence in France.?

    Please advise,Appreciate your feedback

  • You will either need to find an employer who is willing to employ you and deal with the related fees and documents or apply as an independent person under the provisions of the "Skills and Talents" permit.
  • Dear Alethia

    Thank you for your prompt feedback. I think,i will need to establish a company of my own in France. Where we are working in Handmade crafts,and im already have a company working here in Egypt.So the question is that helps to stay in France and get residence after while and most of all can i take my family with me. I'm already get International certificate and recommendations  from many governments like ,Egypt,Japan and Germany. 

    Thank you again for your time and very appreciated for help.


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