Validity mistake in issued Schengen VISA
  • I and my husband had applied for VISA to travel to The Netherlands to visit our daughter for 30 days and we have received our passports with the stamped VISA. I stay in India.
    However, our VISA mentions that it is valid from 21-08-2014 to 21-08-2016, i.e for two years. 
    The VISA type mentioned is "C".Number of entries is multiple and the duration of stay mentioned on VISA is 90 days.
    We have read that the validity of our VISA should have been for 6 months instead of 2 years.
    Kindly let me know, if it is normal to receive a VISA with a validity of 2 years. If it is a mistake from the VISA issuing authorities how can it be rectified.

  • It is not an error. You have been issued a multiple entry visa, these can be valid from one to five years at the discretion of the issuing country. This visa is good for visits up to 90 days

    You should be grateful to have received a multiple entry visa and carry on with your intended holiday.

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