Visiting My boyfriend
  • I will be visiting Tabarka in Sept. And meeting my boyfriend family. How is that area and is the weather still nice.. I would like for him to come and visit me in the United States. What do we need for him to travel with me.. Thank you for you help!!
  • It is very difficult for single men from poor countries to be granted visit visas to the US, UK or Europe.
    However you can try, apply for a B2 visa the process is here
  • Shukran..
  • Afwan  :)
  • Beebe, the weather here is still hot although Tabarka being on the extreme north coast can be cooler and windy. It is a beautiful area of natural and wild beauty. The beaches are lovely and clean. If you have time ask your boyfriend to take you to Ain Draham where you will find the hot springs......gorgeous. You should definitely take a wrap as the evenings are starting to be cooler. Bienvenue fee Tunis, enjoy your stay with us
  • Shukran Lesley.. I am alittle scared by what I am seeing on the news, but my boyfriend is stating I will be safe.. Thank you again to you both!!
  • Beebe, what are you seeing on the news? It is very safe here. Dont worry you will e fine and you will have a great holiday
  • Thank you again. I know that sometimes the news do not tell the whole truth.. I am checking the news From the
  • Yes sometimes these things are happening, but as a foreigner you are very safe. I travel from the north to the south every couple of weeks (I live in each region), and I feel very safe. I drive by myself and feel happy to see the army and the police at the roadblocks. They always let me know what is happening. What you are reading are isolated incidents and is certainly safer than the US. Dont be concerned and enjoy your time here.
  • Shukran again! I will stop looking at news.. :)
  • Welcome and good idea lol
  • Hi Alethia! Please I need ur advice. I'm having an US interview very soon, I'm being invited by my brother-inlaw to attend military graduation in Houston Texas. Is it possible to present a joint account statement to the consular? Secondly, I have had a change of name, the surname on my birth certificate is different from the one on passport but with a legal document backing it up. I hope this won't be a problem?
  • Lekan, I have no idea about the joint a count statement, however the name change should not be a problem so long as you have the supporting documents and of course translated and certified. Perhaps you should call the US embassy for advice on this. Majority people here tell me that the embassy is good on giving advice.
  • Hi Lesley! Thanks so much. I really appreciate your advice. Wish me luck on my interview.
  • I think It is very safe there.
    I never heard news like this.

  • Bespoke are you Tunisian?
  • Can you please recommend to me a good company that I can use with my phone in Tunisia (sims card)? Thank you! Beebe
  • Beebe, the two most popular telecoms are Tunisiana (Ooredoo) and Telecom. Either one will give you good coverage.
  • Thank you!!!!:)
  • Alethia & Lesley,
    Tunisa is a beautiful place and the people were so very nice and welcoming. I felt so very very safe. I hope to return in 4 months and stay longer. Thank you for the encouraging advise before my trip.. Beebe
  • Beebe,

    So glad that you enjoyed your time with us. It is indeed a beautiful place and I am also happy that you felt safe and welcomed. So glad that you are going to come back. Thank you so much for your feedback, I hardly ever hear back from those that we give advice to so it is great that you send us your message.

  • Where in tunis can you get a passport?
  • Beebe, I presume you are talking about Tunisian passport? If it is your boyfriend passport, then he knows exactly what to do and his first stop is the police station with all his papers.
  • Thank you!

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