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  • I have met this girl on a online dating site she seems very nice and very genuin.
    she says she lives in west london and has some sort of job workin with homeless children that means she has to travel abrord all the time.
    she has been very nice sent me pics of her and things and says some nice things about me.
    she said that they are extending her contract for another 4 mouths she is currentley in turkey.
    And she has 2wks holiday she says she wants to come her and spend it with me.
    she asked to stay here but i told she cant she has to stay in a hotel.
    she said that was fine.
    she then told me that a fight from istanbul to manchester is 450 pounds return and she could only manage to get half as she has to send have to help her brother in the usa with education.
    i told her i didnt have 225 pounds to send but if i did i would send it.
    Now she says all she needs now is 100 pounds and she can get a flight.
    i told her that i can only send 50 pounds as of yet i havnt sent anything is she trying to scam me here.

  • I am 100% sure that this is a scam. Here are the reasons why I believe this is a scam.
    Firstly it is almost impossible for foreigners to work in Turkey, jobs are limited to holiday reps, teaching English in schools and universities, a work permit is required.

    A flight to Manchester from Istanbul costs much less than £450 if you shop around , it can be as low as £220.

    Also there was a scam mentioned on this site that is very similar

    If she has such a good job how come she has no money and why is paying for brothers education in USA if he is from the UK.?
    Don't send any money just dump her .
  • Alethia is right, Abraxas, I'm afraid this is likely to be a scam. It sounds very similar to other scams we've heard about on this forum. Easy way to tell though: don't send any money, ever, and see if she is happy to maintain contact without getting anything out of it. 

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