Heading back to the Schengen Zone as a Canadian. Help Much appreciated!!!
  • Hello everyone, I had a Swedish student visa which allowed me to stay in sweden for up to one year. I arrived on January 23/2014. After my semester at school was over I decided to head to greece to visit family. I left Sweden on May 22/2014 and headed to greece.so i was in sweden for 5 months. I then stayed in greece for about 90 days making sure that i did not exceed the 90 limit and left back to sweden on August 19th 2014. After a week of staying in Sweden I headed back to Canada (My country of birth). My question is when will I be able to go back to Greece? I am assuming 90 days from the day I got back which would allow me to go back at around the end of November 2014. Is this true? Im worried that the fact that I spent 8 months there collectively will prevent me from re entering after 90 days. If I entered greece through sweden at the end of november would I be able to stay in greece until january since I have a swedish visa that doesnt expire until january? Also if i wanted to prolong my stay in greece after January, Would my 90 days begin after my swedish visa expires? 

    Your answers are much appreciated!

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