Visa to Puerto Rico
  • I am a valid G-4 visa holder in USA by working with the United Nations, New York City. I am accompanying my two children who are US citizens and travelling from New York to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a cruise in Southern Carribean. Do I need a visa?
  • if you are fee to travel throughout the USA, you are also free to travel to Puerto Rico. P.R. is US territory and requiremes the same documetns to travel in and out as if you were traveling to any other state. However, concerning the cruise, you will be leaving PR soil, so make sure that you are also in complaiance with the regulations for entering and exiting the islands you will be visiting during the cruise.
  • Hello,I am Bulgarian girl working only for the summer in USA.I have a J-1 visa and a DS-2019.
    I wanna visit Puerto Rico at the end of my working period and dont know if I need a visa?
    And I have to re-enter the US,from where is my flight to Bulgaria.
    Do I need a visa for Puerto Rico?
    Thank you!
  • No one needs a Visa when travelling from the United States to Puerto Rico - it's all American territory. Think of PR as just another state in the union. Just have a valid driver's licence or passport. You don't need to show any type temporary Visas. Enjoy your trip.....
  • Hi, I am peruvian residing in Toronto, Canada.. do you know, what is the process to issue a visa, what is the Puerto Rican consulate address in Toronto and roughly how long takes the process?
  • im greek and the next summer i will travel to Puerto Rico?how can i stay there for ever?i mean how i take visa for ever?i must just marry with Puertorican girl or there is other way for take the visa?sorry about my english :)
  • Hi, I am a Pakistani and carry a tourist visa for US. Do I need a separate visa for Puerto Rico?
  • I'm a Nigerian planning a vacation trip to Puerto Rico next summer.How do I go about it, do I just need to obtain a US Visa at the nearest US embassy since there's no P.R. Embassy in Nigeria?
  • As I understand, G4 visa holders do not need additional visa to visit P.R. as a tourist. As far as I know, from the airport we are taking a ferry to an island. My question is: do I need to have my national passport with G4 visa and I-94 to travel to P.R. or just regular Virginia drivers licence is fine? Your response is very much appreciated.
  • Sir,i am a Nigerian with a valid multiple entry visa for 6 month in the uk.I would want to know if its possible to enter Puerto rico and Mexico through the UK since there are no PR and Mexican Embassy in Nigeria.please! give your advice.
  • Hi , i have a USA tourist visa do i need other visa to go to Puerto rico.... ??
  • I have a british passport, however I am a permanent resident of the United States. Do I need a visa?
  • I am a jamaican, do I need A visa for Puerto rico? Since we are all in the Caribbean?
  • I am an Australian, and will be flying into Puerto Rico from London to catch a cruise around the Caribbean (St Lucie, Dominica, Barbados,St Maarten, St Kitts, Virgin Island etc) for 7 days. Do I need a visa for Puerto Rico and the other islands? If so, is an ESTA considered as a visiting visa?
  • Urgent help requested: As a holder of a B1/B2 visa to the US, can I travel to PR? I have a Kenyan passport. Thanks.
  • - If I have business Visa for US B1/B2, can I travel to Puerto Rico with same?
  • I'm a Nigerian residing in malaysia am also study here,or i want to travel to Puerto Rico by december, if i have tourist visa how long do i suppose to stay there? or do you think student visa ll be more better? pls advice me on what to do..GOD bless you..
  • there is no need to have Visa when travelling from the United States to Puerto Rico - it's all American territory.

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