Travel to Zurich in December
  • We are planning to travel to Zurich in December (2 Adults, 2 kids), appreciate any suggestions, prior experience. Will we be disappointed travelling during the winter time?
  • no. its a perfect time to travel. Day temps will be around 2 and night temps around -4. Enjoy!
  • Thanks for the response. What are the suggested things to do in Zurich, and best place to stay. Thanks.
  • Check out the Word Travels guide here for suggestions of things to do:
  • I travelled to Zurich on December 2007, and then i took train to Chur and St. Moritz. I would recommend you December, overall, for the christmas market and atmosphere. Was bit cold -1/+ 1 ºC aprox. but u can always drink the "glühwein" ( warm spiced red wein) on the street to keep u warm. I didnt spent much time there , thats why i would like to visit again someday.
  • Hi,
    My family and I are also planning to visit Zurich in Dec. Will there be snow in Zurich at this time?
  • Thanks. I plan to travel to Zurich end Nov. Any advise please.
  • What is the best place to stay for a family of 4. Looks like Zurich hotels have restriction on how many Guests can stay in a room..Are there any hotels which do not have the restriction?
  • I have a 23hrs layover in Zurich this Mid-Decemeber.
    Keeping in mind that its going to be very cold during this time of the year.
    What can I do in Zurich for 23hrs? Any interesting places I should/can visit?

    I would really appreciate any comments.
  • I am Reaching to Zurich on 6th December 12:35 PM. Then I have to leave for Basel at nite. Can you guide me how can spend half day in Zurich?
    Which are the places I can cover during this short span of time? I am not a shopping freak. I would rather love to see the scenic beauty.
  • Mohit - check out the Word Travels city guide to Zurich. I would suggest getting on the Polybahn or Rigiblick Funicular which is local tram that takes you on a very scenic view of the city and lake. Another option is taking an afternoon tour of Zurich which means you can sit in comfort, see it all,and not be at risk of missing your transport connection. Enjoy, its a great city.

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