Channel Islands entry requirements and passport
  • i am taking my 20 month old daughter to jersey, channel islands for a holiday from the uk. what form of id will she need
  • hello sir,

    i had receive one job offer in channel island , for 2 year validity.
    then i want to know which form should i need to take a visa?
  • Hello Shankar,
    Would like to know more details on offer etc., can you please contact me on avasarala_s at yahoo dot com. hope by this time you reached the place, I am also planning, so plss..
    I want to communicate with you.
  • Hi

    I am an Indonesian who is working in the United Kingdom. I am currently holding a valid visa to reside and work in the United Kingdom. I am planning to visit the Channel Islands in March and therefore, would like to inquire whether I am required to apply for additional visa for the purpose. If I am required to apply, may I know where should I be applying for the visa and the processing time? Thank you.
  • Hello
    I am an Indian national working in the UK under a valid work permit. I wanted to know if there is a visa needed to visit the Channel Islands or Guernsey just for a trip.
    Please can you also let me know if there are any separate documents needed for my wife who is dependant on my visa?


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