Visa requirements for Caribbean travel
  • I am a South African citizen on vacation in Trinidad. I would like to visit surrounding countries and islands while i am here... (1) Do i need a separate visa when travelling from Trinidad to Tobago ( my Trinidad visa allows one entry into Trinidad); (2) and when visiting the states, would i be able to return to Trinidad ( my visa allows one entry) on my visa?
  • Best to contact the immigration dept in Trinidad. If you have ONLY 1 entry they will need to make a special exception for you
  • I think i'll do just that. Thnx :)
  • I will be cruising from Puerto Rico with stops at St.Croix, Basseterre, Roseau, Bridgetown Barbados, Grenada, Curacao and Aruba. I'm Canadian and female.
    I have a valid passport....Do i need entry visas to these islands?
  • hello am from Syria and i have a USA tourist visa can i visit Puerto Rico with the same visa or i need another visa to Puerto Ricco ???
  • I an African intending to travel to the caribbean for vacation, what are the visa requirements?

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