Matriculation of a French motorhome to a Dutch person in France
  • My father who is a French resident wants to give me his French registered motor home.

    I live in Portugal and will not be going to France so I will not be there in person to get it in my name.

    My brother will drive the motor home to me in Portugal.

    My questions are :

    How can I get the motor home in my name?

    Are there taxes involved in France even if it is going to be imported to Portugal?

    I have a Dutch drivers license and I know I can drive a French vehicle in Portugal. I however want to take it camping in Morocco and to go over the Moroccan border the motor home has to be in my name.

    Thanks a lot if you can help me out.

  • Tell your father to sell the motor home,give you the money then you can buy one in Portugal ! Problem solved !

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