What language to they speak in Seychelles?
  • What language do people in seychelles speak
  • The Seychellois speak English, French and Creole
  • can anybody help me with couple of words in translating
  • I am going to seychelles at the end of this year and I would like to learn couple of words in creole. can you help me
  • what is friends in creole
  • Friends would be quite similar to the French - Ami
    I would recommend the Seychelles Tourism Website - it's packed with information. Here is the link to the language page on their site:

    When I was in the Seychelles, I spoke French, which all the locals easily understand. The schools teach English, French and creole, so the Seychellois can communicate in all 3, depending on what you are comfortable with.
  • thanks a lot for the information. I am staying with the seychellois family and its an exchange and i would like to speak creole rather than english. I know one or two words in french. Any idea if there are any dictionaries in creole and english

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