My passport expires in 6 months – what do I do?
  • Hi Gurus,
    I am a Indian national have a UK VISA (work permit) expiring 23 Jun 10. I am planning to go to India on vacation in June 1st week for 3 weeks when i return from vacation i will only have one week of validity og VISA (the passport is valid for long enough).
    Would i have problems entering UK ( i am planning to reapply VISA for 6 more months before i finally return to India but wouldn't have applied when i return)?

    Tried asking various people but getting various answers from yes to would be jailed!!! due to lack of 3 months of valid VISA?
  • My husband is travelling with my son to Jordan and Israel in April 2010. My husbands passport does not expire for 7 yrs, however my sons passport expires in Aug of 2010 (4 months). Will they be ok to travel or do we need to renew my sons passport now?
  • ERica - there is no question - you must renew his passport pronto!
  • Thank You David, it appears you can't "renew" a minors passport. You have to just apply for a new one, which is a bigger headache.
  • Hi David,

    I am a malaysia passport holder and my passport will be expired in August 2010. the thing is, I am going home for good this May. I am currently in Dublin and wonder if it's ok to use the passport since am going home for good. am I going to be in trouble in Dublin airport and London heathrow airport?
  • David F,

    please help me before i go nuts looking at all of this stuff.... i am trying to bring my GF to Chicago to propose to her... She has an Irish Passport and i am looking at travelling to US in 16th May leaving the 22nd May and her passport expires on July 25th... am i ok? dam passport agency in Ireland is on strike so i not sure if i should risk it.... also have other travel plans that i will require passport for prior to US trip.... i phoned 2 travel agencies in Ireland and they said "have to have at least 6 months"....
  • Paul - tough one this, because officially you need the 6 months, but in practice you'll be fine. That means you could get turned back by come officious a*hole, although its only a low chance it will happen. I would visit the US embassy in Dublin and ask them for an official answer.
  • Thanks David.... i know.... it is a tricky one.... what if i bring my GF and she gets turned away... what if we send in her passport and she doesnt get it back in time.... oh the joys of trying to be spontaneous.... thanks and if you have any other ideas keep me posted... this thread has been well and truly been bookmarked....


    Paul H
  • OK David,

    i have called the US Embassy in Ireland and they have said as long as the Passport is Vaild for the duration of the stay... and they have said it is stated on the website



    Paul H
  • Hi,
    I note in your original post you said Malaysia was strict about the 6 months rule. Any chance that they would be be more lenient if you had an onward ticket leaving a few hours after arrival at Kuala Lumpur airport?
    My son (Australian citizen) is in this situation and he will be three days short of the six months.
  • Australiana, they might well be more lenient if he is transiting, particularly as he close to 6 months and has an onward ticket. don't hold me to this - but I would feel confident about heading in there if I was your son.
  • Paul H - nice one, good luck to you - hope she accepts!
  • Hi David,

    I hope you can help because I'm going crazy here !! I'm french and my husband is from Mauritius. We live in Ireland. On 12th of March we flew to Mauritius ( via London heathrow)for 2 weeks holidays. My husband's mauritian passport was valid only until august 2010 ( eg. 5 months) but he flew home no problem. He made an application to renew his passport while we were there but it took longer than expected. The passport office needed to keep his current passport before giving the new one, but he wasn't sure to get it on time before flying back to Ireland. He holds a valid Irish residence card and we were flying back all together ( me and our 2 year old son). However he was denied boarding by British Airways because his passport was valid less than 6 months. Immigration in Mauritius agreed to let him go but British Airways rep refused.
    Is this normal ?
  • Hi David,
    I'm holding a Canadian Passport that will expire in Sept 2010 (in 5 months). I have a flight scheduled in the middle of April flying over to Chicago. Will there be any problem boarding the plane?

  • While booking tickets... my passport is valid. but it expires before i fly. I fly in august, but it expires in july! should be ok? im a UK citizen flying to spain. staying for a week. Just hope there wont be no problems at the airport.

    Help much appreciated.
  • Hi

    I am a Canadian citizen. I live in the US and have a US Green Card. I am traveling to Mexico on a cruise liner for 7days in April but my passport expires in August. My trip is now in about 2 weeks away and have not been able to return to Canada to renew my passport. Will I have problems going to and returning from Mexico?
  • Hi,

    I m a Chinese and got immigration to Canada but somehow i found my passport is about to expire. I m planning to visit there for one month and come back to China and later go back to settle to canada. So this time my passport will expire when i stay in CAnada fo rone month so what is teh best option for me.

    Today: 14 April, 2010... Planned visit from May 1 to june 1
    Passport expire will on May 5th
    Got Immigration visa for Canada

    What i should do now? Should i fly to canada and apply for a new passport in Canada? In this case can airline or chinese immigration officer will allow to fly? what about canadian Immigration?

    Thanks for help

  • Hi David,

    I'm a US Green Card holder living in Texas trying to figure out the best way to renew my Singapore passport that expires in August.

    My first option is to complete the online app then travel to a Singapore Consulate here, which with no closeby opitons (New York, San Fran, Chicago, DC) I'd have to make a special trip to collect my passport.

    My second idea, which may/may not be an option, is applying for renewal online to pick up in Singapore in July when I'm planning to be there on vacation. Of course, the question is, will I be able to travel into Singapore in the first place on a passport that is soon to expire? Does the 6 month rule still apply if I'm a Singapore citizen flying in on a Singapore passport?

  • Hi David,

    I am citizen of India and I am a non immigrant in UnitedStates. My Visa is expiring in next 6 months and i am planning to travel to UK. Will there be any problems for travel?
  • Hi David,

    I am an Indian Passport holder, living in Canada as a permanant resident. I booked my tickets for India for 30th of May and return in August. My passport expires in October. Renewal of my passport takes about a month here in Toronto and I have just two more weeks to go before I travel.

    Is it ok to travel to India on the same passport.

  • Its never a problem to enter one's own country on a valid passport, even if it expires soon. Returning to Canada might be the issue, but as you have Permanent Residence Status they cannot prevent re-entry. My call - and it is my opinion not a statement of fact - is that you will be fine. I would however apply for the new passport in the meantime, and carry the invoice with you on your trip.
  • Hi David, My name Is Colin From South Africa, I currently have a South African Passport and the British High Commissioner has granted me a UK - Business Visa to travel to the UK on the 24th of May to the 14th June - My Passport Expires the following month in July even though they have granted me the Visa and ill be departing the UK before my Passport expires or the Visa does..... I just want to make sure i dont get into any problems on arrival. .... I have Phoned the British High Commissioner here in Pretoria - South Africa, and they say there will be no problem. ... what is you opinion on this? ... Here i have attached the letter i send to them expaining. Many thanks :)

    To: British High Commissioner

    From: Colin Scott Lehmann

    Re: Query on Passport Validation.

    Dear Sir / Madam

    I Colin Scott Lehmann recently applied for a Visa to enter the United Kingdom for reasons of Business and the attendance of a Training Course at the Flowserve Worcester Valve Company in Haywards Heath.

    I was granted the Visa which is in my South African Passport.

    I have one query to ask of you:

    My Passport expires the month after my return back to South Africa. Would this be any problem on entry to the UK, even though my Visa and Passport are fully valid. My Business appointment in Haywards Heath is on the same morning of my arrival, and i am going to be restricted on time to get there, so i am just making sure things go smoothly.

    I will Be Arriving in the UK on the 25th May 2010 and departing on the 14th June 2010.

    Please if you could let me know if there would be any problem.

    Please note: I have attached a copy of my Passport and Visa.
  • Colin - you are unlikely to have a problem if the visa was issued. To be sure you could apply for an emergency passport at your local Home Affairs which can be issued on the same day you apply for it. (Provided your fingerprints are on the system, and they will be if you have applied for any document with in the past 8 years.) Let us know it goes.

    The reality is that on paper there are set rules, but in reality people interpret them so there can be unpredictable outcomes. You should be fine though as you have a good reason for entering, and proof that you're leaving again.
  • Hi David,

    I am a Philippine citizen and my whole family is due to travel to Hong Kong on May 22. I just checked our passports and it will expire on Nov 18, 2010, 4 days shy of the 6-month validity requirement. Is this permissible? Do they count the days or just the months? We will only be staying in HK for 3 days and I am afraid that it is now too late to renew our passports and get the new ones in time.

    I would really appreciate your help! TIA!

    Best regards,
  • Hi David,
    I have an Indian passport expiring on 29th Dec 2010. I am travelling to US arounf 1st week of July 2010 and will be returning around Oct 2010.

    Is that going to be a problem because I will have les than 6-months to expire when I am going to US.

  • My sons (aged 20 and 10) travel to the US from the 10th July to 20th August. I just realised that their passports expire on the 11th November (2010). Would they face problems at immigration in Atlanta or Dulles?
    Thanking you for your advice.
  • TAB sons passports are British passports...
  • Hi
    My husband and childrens expire the end of December 2010 and we are going to cyprus at the end of October for a week, can I leave it until December to renew their passports or is it better to be done before I go to Cyprus?
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