Flights into Copan, Honduras from Guatemala City
  • .. Flying into Guatemala city in November on our way to Antigua. My wife and I have decided we'd like to visit Copan on this trip. Have read the horror stories about bus tours from Antigua leaving at an unheard of 3-4am (I am NOT an early riser..) and taking 7 hours each way..!! so we have decided to fly. WE know there is aan airport in Copna Ruinas, but WHO flys there??

    So far.. the only info I have not been able to find anywhere on the www is flight information from Guatemala City. Are there flights to Copan from Guatemala city? I can't even find a phone number for information inside the Guate airport to ask... Anyone have any ideas how I could find out? Any advice would be appreciated..
    MC Tours---charter flights to copan
    San Pedro Sula --2.5 hour bus

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