UK child passport expires in January, can he travel to Greece in August?
  • Hi
    My son is 5, we are UK citizens. We plan to travel to Greece in August and return on 02 September. My son's Passport expires in January. The "know before you go" website indicates that only 3 months validity is required. However, other sites say that it is 6 months - does anyone have a fefinitive answer?

  • Your son will be fine - only a valid passport is needed for Greece regardless of expiration. Please read this post for more detailed info on this issue:
  • Thank you very much for the informative and speedy response.
  • We are leaving for Turkey for 2 weeks in August but we have just noticed that my 4 year old son's passport expires in October.

    How strictly would Turkey enforce their sixth month passport expiry rule for a 4 year old?

    (Seems annoying to have to get him a new passport as his five year passport has only done 4 summer holidays and we weren't planning to get him a new one until just before next summer!
  • Hi Matt

    So did you risk it ?

    What happened ?

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