Travel to Korea in Aug.
  • Hi, I'm new member. I intend to travel to Korea in Aug. and I heard that the weather is hottest and humid in august, right? Can you advise the temperature and what special events at Korea in August?
    l'm korean
    in Aug. korea is very hot and moisture.
    so you must wear hot pants and short t-shirt
    and many festival is held in every area
    especially in the eastern coast is most famous sun rise veiw and ocean
    in seoul you can take a rest in many five star hotels
  • How about 21st July 2011 weather it's hot also or??????????
  • I am a new guest user. I plan to visit Seoul in 26th of July up to 1st of August. Is it also hot and moisture there?? What degree?? And, what tourist resorts can I visit, especially at noon till evening?? Thanks.
  • Hi, I've been planning to visit Korea at around 27th of August to 4th of September. Can anyone tell me the weather around that time?
  • if you're looking for cheap but comfortable places to stay, I know hotels can be quite expensive (~$130/night) and hostels, well, they're hostels.

    I work with local expats who rent out their spare rooms and sometimes spare apartments for a decent price, $30/night usually,

    Also, homestay families will give you a lot of cultural immersion if you want to experience that and they enjoy hosting travelers.
    The mother's can, just so you know,make homecooked meals. I'm just an intern but I think this is a neat thing because I travel a lot myself :) so thought I'd share it with you ~ ! just type in Seoul, Korea

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