Transportation for Split to Tirana?
  • What is the cheapest way to get from Split to Tirana? Thank you, Toni...
  • Walking :)

    The bus is the cheapest means to get there. You may need to pickup a new one in Montenegro. I believe there is also a roundabout way to do it by train, but not completely sure.

    Hope this helps.
  • Bus from Split to Dubrovnik (5 hours); overnight in Dubrovnik; Bus from Dubrovnik to Ulcinj in Montenegro (5 hours); bus from Ulcinj to Albanian border.

    Train is very long and roundabout; train Split - Zagreb (change) - Belgrade (15 hours), then another train from Belgrade to Podgorica (10 hours) then taxi.

    Another expensive way could be to take a ferry from Split to Ancona in Italy, then another ferry from there to Durres in Albania.

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