The truth about visiting Egypt
  • Beautiful, frenchboy and Jack – Listen up:

    Egypt has the most amazing pieces of architectural construction that you're ever likely to see. The pyramid shape is a unique geometrical symbol, strongly resembling the carbon atom’s structure, upon which all earthly life is based. The accuracy, the geometry, the orientation to the north, the alignment of the King's & Queen's chambers to the stars Orion & Sirius (like their King & Queen Gods, Osiris & Isis).....all fascinating stuff..

    Beautiful – never known anyone call themselves beautiful, I think you should leave this for others to judge! However, it seems to me that you are in no position to make a judgment about Egypt or anything else for that matter….

    Frenchboy - please join an English language class urgently, what are you actually trying to say here?

    Jack, please do some reading, you are miss-informed.

    Lesley – please don’t bother yourself with those uneducated individuals.


  • Hi,

    I just came back from Egypt.

    Rippin off is putting what they are din to touists, mildly. We felt like we were bein sold and re-sold, so that everybody will come and take our money. They call each other cousins and charge you for saying hello. Saying no, does not stop them.

    I have travelled to so many countries, and all of them have thieves and crooks. However, they do not opeate as business men and never been ripped by them. In Egypt the line between theft and business is blurred.


    Lying, deceipt and taking a foreigners money for nothin seemed to have become a normal thin to do.

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