Jamaican visiting Australia
  • I am visiting Australia early 2010 and have no credit cards and approx. $3000 for spending money. I have a letter from property owners/friends who are supporting me during my 3-4 weeks stay by providing all accomodation/food/internal travel within Australia. Does anyone see me having problems getting in to Australia.
  • Hi you should be okay to travel Australia for 3 /4 weeks with that kind of money, I travelled OZ for a year and I only needed $5,000.00 to enter and a max of $10,000.00 is allowed. Once you keep to a budget you should be okay
  • Hi there!
    Please advice me.I am An Ethiopian. I completed Australian skilled visa eligible assessment online.But for the visa application process I was asked to pay 419USD to pay through credit card or telegram transfer. Is this mean that i can surely get the visa? or something tricky? please help.
    Thank you.
  • @Alexini: Check with the Australian Department of Immigration (Google will bring up their website) and see if this fee is listed on their website. If it's not, you may have found a scam website. Alternatively, contact your nearest Australian consulate or embassy to discuss this with them - they'll know what's going on better than strangers on the internet.

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