I want to know climate in canada
  • HI,
    I want to know places in Canada, where temp in winters not exceed than 1 degree celsius and
    in summers not more than 30 degree celsius.
    I have been to Brussels, Belgium and I love that place and now I wanna go to Canada, but i prefer same climate for there.
    please guide.
  • I don't think there's anywhere in Canada that you're going to find winter temperatures not getting below 1 degree celcius if that's what you mean. If you go too far North you can even wind up having a sudden blizzard in the middle of summer every now and then. Your best bet though for mild temperatures are Vancouver and Victoria. Victoria has absolutely beautiful countryside and a vibrant live music culture.
  • If you enjoyed or tolerated the winters in Belgium you will be fine on Vancouver Island or in Vancouver itself. Anywhere else in Canada you can expect harsh winters. But that is what makes us tough :)

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