Recommendations for october
  • hello,

    I am planning a one week vacation during october. I thaught of starting whith barcelona and to continue to the pyrenees. I would like to have recommendations about the weather and intresting places to visit

    thanke you:)
  • Hello , Im Am Visiting Loret de mar in ocotober and would like to visit barcelona . Would Like To Know If A Bus or Train Goes There And How Far is The Trip .

    Thank You
  • hI

    I have been to lorett de Mar on 4 seperate occasions, there is a bus that runs to Barcelona from the main bus terminal opposit the H top Casino Royal hotel. The cost is about 10 Euros and runs fairly frequently. I am not completely sure but I think the first bus starts around 07.30am and the last bus back is around 21.00hrs. I hope this answers your question. I dont know about the train service as I didnt see the train station
  • hello!
    Barcelona is definitely interesting place to visit because of art and architecture. The I suggest to go to Valencia, I enjoyed this city because of nice beach, amazing parks and phantastic museums. Granada is another place worth to visit. Unfortunately you have only 1 week, but there are so many awsome places to visit.

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