UK / Nigerian Scammers
  • Hey broke sad mom why you didn't ask the person who you got scammed by, why u didnt ask them to video chat,,I'm talking to a woman claiming to be Claire nathan, she said she is in the Philippine's...but I ask her to video chat with me and write my name on a piece of paper for I can know that she is real. very sorry for your lost.. god bless you. .
  • Does anyone know /or been contact by a martyn akeksy say's he's (polish) from vancover wa: ? Please help me - us find out if he's a True or false?
    Scummer ! Thank you
  • I've been reading this forum for a while since I think I have been a victim of attempted scamming in 3 different occasions. Even though I make it clear I am married and intend to continue so these guys approach me from Facebook taking advantage of the fact I manage a discussion forum for non-native English language speakers. The pattern is very similar to what people have described here and although I have not agreed to go on having any contact with these guys/girls (we never know), I think it's my duty to contribute here for the sake of others. SO BEWARE OF so-called Walden Martin, Martin Wallace and David Peterson. All skilled scammers, though their accent and language mistakes give them away (they claim to be highly educated American/Bristish engineers/contractors widowed/divorced with a young daughter aged 5/8/12 they are raising all alone). PLEASE NOTE THEY ARE STARTING TO PREY ON NON-DATING PLATFORMS SUCH AS FACEBOOK AND ON MARRIED WOMAN AGED AROUND 40. AND THEY CLAIM TO BE IN TEXAS/LONDON/DELHI, SO SCAMMERS ARE ALL AROUND, THEY ONLY PROTECTION WE HAVE IS AWARENESS.

    Let's spread the word and protect ourselves and our families from those scumbags! 
  • And broke_sad_mom, it takes a great woman to turn personal disaster into public service. We are all indebted to you.
  • Well guys I'm so sorry that some set of the Nigerian youths (yahoo Boys) have been playing on yall intelligence and taking advantage of your lovely heart...I'm a nigerian, I live in Lagos,Nigeria believe u,me the scam thing has become a kind of job for the lazy and frustrated youths here, what pains me the most is that the younger generation are being thought how to scam by their Big brothers in the society, it's that worst here and it really seem to be lucrative for them I blame it all on technology... If u see the kind of luxurious life the successful ones among them are living, you'd be very shocked and don't be surprise that most of the scammers are between 17 to 23 yrs of age. I've been trynna figure out how a 19yrs old nigerian boy manages to scam a 35, 45, 60 etc western man/woman its really funny... I've come across many nigerian youths that are into online fraud and scam and always asked them why they fraud and scam the westerners, the response I get always is "we collecting the wages of our fore fathers that were used for slavery many years ago" while some say "they're facing the repercussion for using our fore fathers as slaves many years ago" well it sounds funny but they're always sounding mean when saying those words. LADIES AND GENTLE MEN PLS WISE UP!... Yes I'm a young teenage nigerian but not involved such activities, I've always believe there is DIGNITY in labour. I love the westerners and as I a matter of fact I'll be coming to the states to further my education 2015 spring summer.... And For the victims Pls forgive,forget and be wise enough, I wonder why u so involved in an online dating when u got many beautiful ladies and good looking men in ur various society once again I'm sorry about the whole Nigerian scam and fraud issue
  • After being asked to cash a cheque in the UK for a guy in ghana, I got suspicious, thankfully I found this forum and did some research on the phone number and name. The phone number was from Ghana. But through doing a reverse image search I found the photos belonged to a model in Chicago ... thanks to your posts I have saved myself heart ache and trouble, but feel for those of you who haven't been so lucky
  • Well done for recognizing the scam, stars, and I'm glad you found some good information on this forum.

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