Travel to France - restrictions on entry?
  • Recently a friend tried to go to Canada and was refused entry due to a couple of DUIs (driving under the influence). He is planning a trip to France and England, are there any restrictions that would refuse entry? Hate to go that far and never get out of the airport. Thanks!
  • my friend went to paris france and stay there for almost five years.she abondoned her family and now she is leaving with another man who happen a married man.they both leaving together in the same roof.they both an illegal entry now working in Paris.where can we report them,what office are liable.we know the address in Paris.
  • Leah, I'd stay clear from reporting them. First of all, I don't think anyone care really. Plus, last time I checked, there were no legal rule against living with a married man... it's their business, isn't it??

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