Do i need a visa to go to the Bahamas from Trinidad &Tobago
  • Need to know if i need visa to go to the Bahamas from Trinidad and Tobago
  • Rachelyn,

    you would need a US visa to go to Bahamas from Trinidad. The thing is chances your flight is going to connect in Florida and you will not be allowed to land there to get the connecting flight.

    so unless you are getting there by direct flight a visa would be required.
  • Permit me to ask, do I need a visa to go to Bahamas fron Nigeria since Nieria is among the common wealth nation has bahamas?
  • Hey nik can u tell me what are the requirements to go to the Bahamas directly from Trinidad. That is, if there is actually a direct flight between the 2 countries. Thanks.
  • Hello everyone, I saw your interest in Flights from Trinidad to the Bahamas and 'Nik' is 100% correct Abi. Sad to say there are no international flights directly coming from Trinidad to The Bahamas. However friends of mine and my sister once took a trip to Jamaica then to The Bahamas which does not require a Visa, but you may be required to stay overnight as the flight from Jamaica services that route only twice a week and the day that the Airline arrives from Trinidad into Jamaica is the day before. Air Jamaica would be able to give you a better understanding of their flight times or you could ask a local Travel agent in Trinidad. They are more than willing to help.

    There is a Bahamasair Charter which leaves here during the Carnival season ONLY two days but I have never taken it so I'm n ot sure if the plane makes a trip back to The Bahamas then returns to Trinidad. That is the ONLY time Bahamas Air flies to Trinidad & Tobago directly.

    I hope this information was useful and wish you best of luck in getting here. If you are coming in December to March it's usually a lot colder (I tell no lie) than Trinidad so walk with a sweater.

  • Thnx rick for the info most useful....
  • thank u trinbahamian, this was really helpful
  • hey guys im from jamaica and i would like to spend my vocation in trinidad bt im unsure about the required documents that i will need, I have the CARICOM there any other documents or procedure i must take?
  • Rachelyn,

    I'm a citizen of Trinidad & Tobago and I wanted to find out if you needed a visa for Bahamas, so I contacted the Honorary Consulate of Bahamas in T&T and the the answer was no, so you don't need any visa, you can e-mail them at and they will verify all information.....
  • TrinBahamian's information is correct.
    I recently booked my flight to Bahamas, this is what to do. Book with Caribbean Airlines to Jamaica and then Air Jamaica to Bahamas. Go to a Caribbean Airlines office and they can do both bookings on one ticket. You have to overnight in Jamaica though. This way no visa is required. Krystal Tours do chartour flights directly to Bahamas carnival weekend.
  • I am from Guyana and want to go to Bahamas to meet my friends. Do I need a visa and how can I book a flight?
  • If you aren’t getting any direct flights from Trinidad and Tobacco then I guess you need visa from the country from where the flight is redirecting. Enjoy your stay at Bahamas.
  • hi, i from russia, do i need visa to come to trinidad?
  • do i need a visa to the bahamas i hold a zimbabwean passport
  • Am from Nigeria do i need a visa to go to Bahamas and which airlines are good.

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