Can i enter ukraine on my US passport?
  • I am taking mid-tour leave in october from afghanistan, and will be visiting a friend in ukraine. it says on the state department that your passport has to be valid for six-months upon entry into the country, but some sites it just says you need a valid passport. my passport was issued to me april 29th, 2009 and i am leaving afghanistan to germany on oct 3rd.

    thank you!
  • Your passport is fine - the 6 months validity means it must have more than 6 months to go before it expires.
  • I am supposed to travel to Ukraine tomorrow Jan 16, and just realized my passport expires May 4, 2010. Less than 6 months. Any workarounds for this?
  • i'm flyinfg to ukraine by my self to meet my lady; what do i need to have for the trip; flying from alaska
  • If you are traveling to Ukraine in winter, you definetly need to bring warm clothes. And keep in mind, that it might be really cold especially in January and February (-10...-25 degrees) and in March it is still cold, -5...0 degrees), might be windy and high humidity. That's why make sure you have all clothes you need to feel comfortable here in winter time.
    As for meeting a lady, think about your outfit for the meeting. Ukrainian people value style and clothing much more than Americans or Europian. We know that you all prefer comfort instead of "podium like look", and we appriciate that. But if it comes to us, it should be nicer.
    If you want to impress the lady bring shirts and pents, you don't have to wear tie , but probably some casual jacket, or nice jemper and keep in mind shooes. You will look more smart and attarctive in such style.
    Also bring something for the lady. Some little not expencive gift, just to show you were thinking of her and want to make her smile and happy. Especially if you are going to meet her family as well. Bring a package of your national chokolates, or cookies, or nice souvenir.

    And enjoy your trip!
  • Yes, your passport should be valid 6 month after the date you wish to leave Ukraine. Usually passports are issued for 10 years, so, evidently, your passport will be valid for your travel as you planned.

    If you need to have the contacts of Ukrainian embassy in your country, please, visit our website for addresses and phone numbers of Ukraine embassies:

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