Visa for Bahamas
  • We want to take a cruise to the Bahamas. Everyone in our party, including two young children, will be traveling on U.S. passports except for my daughter- in -law who has a Mongolian passport. She has a 10 yr extended visa for the US, is married to a US citizen and both her children are US citizens. Presently they are living in Mongolia but will be leaving on the cruise with us from here in the US. What are her visa requirements and how does she go about obtaining one? Thank you
  • Citizens of Mongolia residing in Mongolia have to apply for a visa to Bahamas in person at the nearest consulate of Bahamas (there is no consulate in Mongolia). The Ministry of Home Affairs can direct you to the nearest consulate or you can contact the U.S. Embassy in Mongolia on +976 11 329095. The application procedures and fees may vary depending on where you apply.

    Bahamas Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Phone: +1 242 356 5956-9
    Fax: +1 242 328 8212

    I hope you all have a lovely vacation.
  • Hi, we are booked on a cruise calling at Great Stirrup Cay for less than 24 hours. We hold Belarussian and Ukrainian passports, will we require visas? We depart from Miami and have multiple entry US visas. Thank you for your help.
  • Hi, we have Dutch passports and so far did not need a visa for tourist entry in the USA. Do we need a visa for the Bahamas? Thank you for your help.
  • Hey Dutch,
    No visa is required for stays of up to 8 months.
  • hiya ive won scratch card and ive won a cruise to bhamas ive got british passposrt and my boy friend got pakistani passport do we need a visa 4 dat.thank you.
  • Sadi - a Pakistan passport holder will need a passport. As a British passport holder you do not.
  • Hi,

    I am an Indian citizen living/working in the US on a L1 work visa. Will I need a visa to take a cruise to the Bahamas.

  • hello
    im an albanian citizen, and i live in canada.
    I also have a canadian visa and usa visa...Do i need to get a visa for bahamas..?
  • I'm planning on taking a day cruise to the Bahamas. I'm a legal resident but not citizen of the US. Do I need a passport?
  • hello.... Do we i need a visa in going to Bahamas?
  • hello im from the Philippines ... i just want to ask if going to Bahamas required me to have a VISA,,,, if yes where do i can apply for it. thanks......
  • Hi,

    I am an Indian citizen working in US on an H1 visa. Do I need a visa for Bahamas?
  • Indian citizen on Hi visa need to take bahamas visa. you can get visa from bahamas consulate in US.
  • Brandi, you do not need a passport, just state ID and birth certificate, not a photo copy.
  • Bahamas Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Phone: +1 242 356 5956-9
    Fax: +1 242 328 8212

    nhey, go to the above and they can help you with any questions for the Phillipines.
  • Hi there, i've just won a cruise to Bahamas for 2. I am a legal resident ok the UK with a Philippine passport. My wife is a british citizen. Do i need a Vsa to get to Bahamas? Thank you for your help.
  • am travling to bahamas to see my girl friend. do i need a visa with a South Africa passport.
  • Hi ,
    I am A saudi Arabia passport holder and have visitor visa to the USA and want to visit the bahamas in may 2009 , do I need a visa and if yes where is the closest bahamian embassy to apply and howlong does it take . since am coming to Washington D.C first can I apply their . Thank you
  • hello,

    im an indian holding indian passport, i was on F1 and then came to Canada for H1 stamping (F1-OPT-H1),unfortunately i dint get H1 stamped and they canceled my F1 visa too...i want to Apply for H1 visa, so was thinking to go to bahamas for H1 stamping.. right now i am in Canada and how do i apply for visitor visa in bahamas and get my H1 stamped there...can any one help me out... thank you
  • Hi sir,

    I am an Indian citizen living in India.How to get Tourist visa for the Indian citizen.

  • Is the Indians need visa to visit Bahamas ? How to obtain tourist visa. please reply me
  • My niece is coming to the Miami, Fl for the summer with a US visa. We are planning to take her to Nassau, Bahamas for 4 it ok to use the US visa or does she need another visa to enter the Bahamas?
  • hello im from the Philippines ... i just want to ask if going to Bahamas required me to have a VISA,,,, if yes where do i can apply for it. thanks......
  • Hi, I'm a south african citizen, do I need a visa for a visit to the bahamas? i'm booking my flight as we speak and would just like to confirm. Regards Mauritz
  • hi
    i want to ask how can apply for the bahams visa from saudi arabia
    we have saudi passport

  • I am from Cambodia, the south east asia country, I'm holding Cambodian passport. I really want and dream to visit bahamah after watching Miss univers contest, which were conducted in Bahamas. I don't know where to start, and how much I will spend and don't know which travel agents that I should choose. Pleash help! Thanks
  • One of my family member have a permenant resident card, does she/he need a visa? The other people in my family have a USA citizenship, do we need a visa, also.?
  • Hi there,
    We hold valid visa for both usa and united kingdom. We are travelling tonight to miami and have booked ourselves in nassau starting 20th feb. Do i still need a visa to bahamas…..?? Will a valid uk visa be good enough to enter nassau. We are holding confirmed booking at sandals royal bahamian for three days starting 20th feb and will be flying in from miami, usa.

    Is there a way to apply for the visa while we stay at miami for nassau….???? I am going to loose a lot of money in cancellations if i don’t get to go to nassau as i have already paid thru my credit card.

    Please help me on this urgently.
  • What is your passport and nationality?
  • Need a bit of help my wife is Colombian w/o greencard and i am an U.S. Citizen and we are trying to go to the Bahamas would it take her a while to get a visa if she needs one or would she be able to get a Visa on Arrival to the airport...
  • Do Trinidad and Tobago nationals require a visa to visit the Bahamas?
  • Im from the philippines, with a Philippine passport, but residing now in cayman islands and i have a valid 10 yrs US visa? do i need to get a bahamas visa going to bahamas? thanks
  • my Husband is planning a trip on cruise to bahamas. we stay in dallas,tx He is on H1 and i am on H4 visa type with Indian passport. we are planning to stay at bahama not more than 24 hrs.and bording from Mayami.
    Do we need visitors visa to visit bahama? if yes what is the best way to get it?
    please help us
  • Hi I am a Indian national and I am here in the US on a F1 student visa,me and my mom are planning to take a cruise tot the Bahamas this august,my mom has a multiple entry tourist visa to the US.I was just wondering if we still need to take a visa to take the cruise and get into the Bahamas and if yes what is the procedure?Hopefully you can help me out.
  • Hi! What are the requirements for citizens of KAZAKHSTAN who have multiple F1 visa to go to the cruise to the Bahamas?
  • I am Indian citizen and working on USA in H1B status. My visa get expired in passport but I have valid I-94 till next year as my petition get extended and did not get chance to go back in India. My wife has valid Visa stamped in her passport. My daughter has US passport. Please let me know if we can go Bahamas by booking through travel agency?
  • Hello,
    I'm a citizen and a current resident of the Philippines. I plan to visit the Bahamas for a vacation. I'm a holder of Philippine passport only, and definitely I need a Bahamian visa to go there. Will I be needing a US visa too before I could enter the Bahamas? Please reply asap. Thank you very much!
  • hi, i hold a dominican republic passport and i would like to travel to the bahamas do i need a visa? please reply me on that!
  • Do we need a bahamas visa if we have united kingdom visa and american visa? we have kuwaiti passport? answer ASAP please :(
  • If an Irish student wanted to do their college two weeks work experience in The Bahamas would they need a visa or what type of one?
  • I am from the Philippines and holder of Philippine passport. Do I need visa to travel to the Bahamas?
  • I am planning to take a 4 day cruise from Miami to Bahamas with my wife. I have a Indian Passport and US B1/B2 tourist visa (multiple entry). Do i require a Bahamas visa. The cruise will have a stopover from 8 AM to 11;59 PM at Nassau, and another 10 hr stop at Cruise lines private Island. Please let me know. Thanks
  • Avi,

    Did you take your cruise?

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