Honeymoon in Switzerland during 15-30 November
  • Hi ...

    i am planning an honeymoon tour in switzerland during 15th nov to 30th Nov....we both are fine with cold wheather with right gear...as snow fall and snow caped landscape are our main motivators to visit swiss anywys ....however will it be really cold ? so much so that venturing out for sightseeing etc would be very difficult....also may be certain activities and facilities geting closed after 6 -7pm??

    can you please help ?
  • Depending on which cities you are going, Zurich and Geneva temperature ranges and rainfall can be found here: http://www.wordtravels.com/Travelguide/Countries/Switzerland/Climate/
    Snow has just started falling, ski resorts probably just started opening at the end of Nov. Day will start be shorter.
  • I have already checked the wheather on worldwheather.com..it ranges from 1.5 C to 10 degree C between Zurich,Geneva & Lugano...I am planning to cover Zurich,lugano,moritz,lucrene,interlaken & geneva during 15th Nov to 30 th Nov...

    More than the actual temprature....would you suggest it to be good time to visit? Or will most of our time will be locked in Hotel room with almost NIL sightseeing & activities due to extreeme cold/bad wheather /actvities being shut down ???
  • Thanks Merlion :)
  • Hi ,

    I'm planning a honeymoon tour in Switz , somewhere in month of February2010 . Can you give an idea how and where shall I go ?

  • HI

    Tour in Switzerland during 15th Jan to 30th Feb....we both are fine with cold weather with more than actual temperature ...as snow fall and snow caped landscape are our main motivators to visit Swiss anyways ....however will it be really warm honeymoon in Swiss? Venturing out for sightseeing ....etc would be easy not difficult.....
    We have been in cable car tour, museum, Zurich University, downtown restaurants, night club, special tour in the sea. You could see the snow falling …….
    Go and see the tower girl in Radisson Blu airport hotel special in grill restaurant.
    Monday the mea sum is closed .There’re special lovely restaurant for FISH and all kind of sea food near the train station? Don’t miss it.
    Note: you should be prepare for the cold weather with special boots, jacket to keep warm...Gloves and winter cap………………..and digital camera.

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